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How to Gain an Investment Edge Using Factor ModelsMay 4, 2013

Quotient Investors selected for Investment Innovation Benchmark initiativeSept 4, 2015

Andre Bertolotti speaks at 3rd Annual CSR Investing SummitJuly 22, 2015

RI: What Can the Sustainable Investor Do About Fossil Fuel Divestment12 March 2015

Andre Bertolotti presents at London School of EconomicsMarch 7, 2015

RI: The Rise of the Responsible Quant20 Feb 2014

Andre Bertolotti speaks at the SRI ConferenceOct 2013

Sustainable Alpha receives 3-star rating from PSNMay 2013

New CalPERS-backed US Microcap fund returns 17%April 9 2013

Quotient participates in PRI ESG integration workbookMarch 2013

Responsible Investor article on Sustainable AlphaJan 30 2013

Quotient article on ESG in FundFireJan 11 2013

MSCI - Quotient Case StudyJan 2013

Sustainable Alpha receives 2-star rating from PSNDec 3, 2012

Responsible Funds, CalPERS-backed Quotient unveils Sustainable Beta productOct 26, 2012

Quotient Investors ESG interview on Wall Street TranscriptOct 1, 2012

FundFire: Mercer to Rate All Managers with New ESG MetricAug 9, 2012

FundFire: The Case for ESG InvestingApril 12, 2012

Emerging Manager Monthly covers Quotient's ESG strategyMarch 7, 2012

Andre Bertolotti presents on ESG in Mainstream Equity Allocations to New York QWAFAFEW chapter Feb 28, 2012

Andre Bertolotti speaks at the 2011 UN PRI conference in Paris on ESG integration Sept 15, 2011

CalPERS Allocates $100 Million to Quotient's ESG StrategyMay 2, 2011

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White Paper - Actively Managed ESG StrategiesJan 2010

White Paper - ESG and Alpha Can You Have Both ?Jun 2009

White Paper - Back to Basics with Equity Market NeutralMay 2009